There’s a dinosaur in the transporter Captain

The curse of a photographic project like 365 are those days when at 2330 you still haven’t got a photo.

You are looking around trying to find something anything half interesting to photograph. Your eye falls on something, neurons fire, synapses do whatever they do, a stray thought connects and bing!: You get your idea. If you are fast you might be able to develop it into something better. However, chances are it will be as mediocre as a rushed photo deserves to be.

Days like this isn’t why you do 365. You do it for:

  • The good days when you can shoot and shoot, and with each photo, angle and adjustment the idea develops and you end up with something special
  • Seeing your skills improve. If you keep doing something everyday you will get better at it. There will be pitfalls, false dawns, rabbit holes and missed steps, but by the end you will be a better photographer.

The trouble is today isn’t a good day and you just have a tray, a plastic dinosaurs, a torch and 10 minutes.

Plastic dinosaur

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