Help required: How should one take and process Fuji X photos which have a prominent red subject?

I have two fuji cameras, an X-Pro1 and more recently an X-E2.  I really like them, however, after a year I still confess I find processing RAW files difficult. Particularly, if there is a strong red in the photo in out of focus areas, such as this red parrot (Fuji X-E2, XF55-200mm @ 1/60 / f4.8 / ISO 400).

Out Of Camera JPEG
Out Of Camera JPEG (download original)

If you download the original and look at the left side of the bird’s head you will notice the colour appears to be blocky and over saturated as the feathers go out of focus.

Nine times out of ten the JPEG is okay and doesn’t display this over saturation of the red channel, rather I notice the issue when processing the RAW.  I have tried to process such photos in various RAW converters however have yet to be able to discover a technique which gives a nice red gradient in out of focus areas.

Things do improve if you desaturate the red and magenta channels, however, then the colours aren’t a true representation, and I don’t think I should have to as when it gets them right I like the “Fuji” colours.

Silkypix default processing (download original)
Capture One 7 default processing (download original)
Lightroom (Default)
Lightroom default processing (download original)
Lightroom (Provia Camera Profile)
Lightroom processed with the Provia Camera Profile (download original)

I have seen this effect with both my X Pro1 and X-E2. I have borrowed a friend’s X Pro1 and believe it isn’t just a fault with my camera. I rarely see this issue on other’s Fuji photos, so assume I am processing these images wrongly. Does anyone have any advice about what I am doing wrong? If you would like to look at the RAW file it is shared on dropbox.

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