Panoramas at the Olympic Park

Although it is not the recommended way to get the best results, the below panoramas were all taken by hand without using a tripod.  Then I used a really cool piece of free software from Microsoft (yes they do make some) called the ICE (Image Composite Editor) to stitch them together.

Olympic Park Panorama by Jonathan_W
Panorama of Riverbank Arena by Jonathan_W
Riverbank Arena

You can download it from the MS Research pages and it is well worth checking out.  Previously I used some open source software called Hugin for panoramas, whilst it does the job you have to tweak the set up quite a bit to get the best results.  ICE – whilst it lacks these advanced options – triumphs because “it just works”.

  1. You open the application and select the source images
  2. ICE processes them into a panorama
  3. You can then preview and crop the final image
  4. Then you save it

I have yet had to resort to the advanced mode within ICE to fix any major defects in the images it has produced.

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