Toy Trees

Wood through the trees

Just Starting Out

From small things

These are all pretty much as they came out of the camera without much post processing, except for the one with the close up of the trunk which needed a bit of fill lighting.

They were all shot on a toy f1.4 25mm lens – not my favourite tool to say the least. It is a manual focus, which is fine, but the amount of travel on the focus ring could get you half way around the world.  And this is not the only example of poor build quality.  For example, you can close the lens down to the point where the blades actually touch (closing off the aperture entirely), the focus is very soft at the edges of the frame, chromatic aberrations are everywhere and lens flare and vignetting are inescapable.

However, it is a toy lens and these defects, loved by lomographers, do add character to the images produced. Also, it is still a f1.4 (that cost less than £80!) and so has a few tricks up its sleeve.  It isn’t half bad in low light and you a nice out of focus background.

I like photographing trees, they are forever changing; providing wonderful colours in the spring and autumn, harsh contrasts in the winter and lovely tones and lighting in the summer.

Swirly Trees

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